About Jazmine

Jazmine M. Early for Your Sterling Heights City Council


“Together, we will Make Sterling Heights Great!” – Jazmine M. Early

“Sterling Heights is my home. It is the place that I love and strive to make great. I don’t take for granted the blessings of living here. I will continue working hard for a better future for my family and every family in our Great City.”

I’m a conservative candidate for the Sterling Heights City Council seat, and I ask for your support in the upcoming City Council Election on November 5, 2019.  – Jazmine Early

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• Wife:  Married to Douglas for 18 years

• Mother:  to David

• Community Caretaker:  Citizen with an active voice for residents. Elected Precinct Delegate. Sterling Heights Pride and Shine Program. Sterling Heights Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Senior Expo. Graduate from the Fire Department Civilian Academy and the Citizens Police Academy. Ambassador for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF Legal).

cert group
Jazmine participating in one of the training for the
CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Team)

• Volunteer for School, Church and Service Organizations:  Urban Design Tutor. Moms Booster Club. Vacation Bible School (VBS) Assistant. Guest Speaker for ESL course.

• Public/Private Educator experience:  Language Instructor at a Public Elementary School. Tutored for Macomb Community College Humanities Department. Language Educator 1st-12th grade levels at private school. Berlitz Language Instructor.

• Architect:  Drafter for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Fighter:  Clean up, Stand up!


• The Referendum petitions

• Proposal 1:  Jazmine Early of Sterling Heights urges voters to vote ‘no’ on Proposal 1 during protest at 15 Mile/  


proposal 1

• Accountability / Parks and Recreation Proposal / Taxes https://www.candgnews.com/news/complaints-prompt-city-to-pause-hikebike-trail-work-113894

• Helping Seniors

• Helping Veterans


Values that motivate me: • Family • Faith • Vulnerable Victims a • Fighting against Corruption and Injustice

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